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We've got our heads in the Cloud

Understanding the challenges, frustrations and constraints faced by businesses, we have developed a suite of cloud-based SaaS applications that address the persistent challenges of cost, efficiency and productivity.


Run your business
in the Cloud

CloudCube is a consolidation of core business functions in a fully integrated SaaS cloud application that takes care of all your administrative tasks, handing you back the time to concentrate on driving the growth of your business


Accelerate Innovation

CloudCubeDNA is a low code/no code
application builder that delivers:

• Significant reduction in time of SDLC
• Unrivalled time to market of new innovation
• Rapid build of new cloud applications
• Prototyping of new solutions
• Replacement of legacy databases/apps with Cloud native

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Innovative tools to help your business move forward.
Integrated Cloud offer SaaS solutions designed to run and transform your business, built using experience of change and how the Cloud can benefit the way you work.
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CloudCube offers fully integrated modules designed to run all aspects of your business allowing you to:

– Simplify operational complexity.

– Rationalise Software Licenses and Reduce Costs.

– Improve Efficiency and Transparency across the company.

– Empower employees with Self Service reporting and BI.

And so much more.

CloudCubeDNA – Find Out More

CloudCubeDNA gives organisations the ability to:

Build applications at a fraction of the cost and time of the standard SDLC.

Prototype new apps, functionality and business processes.

Cloudify legacy systems and databases.

Empower employees with no coding experience to build/enhance/prototype/cloudify.

Watch the brief video overview of CloudCube and CloudCubeDNA!

CloudCube, has been built using years of experience of working in service delivery and in empowering massive Digital Transformation projects for global clients. Integrated modules help users manage all aspects of their business as well as the pain points of transformation while empowering employees with self-service BI. Operational control is offered through paperless, secure management of employees and their data including absences, holidays, timesheets, expenses etc. CloudCube PPM can also be used in isolation and extremely effective at delivering and tracking change. 

We build and enhance CloudCube using our Low-Code Development Platform CloudCubeDNA. It offers organisations the opportunity to swiftly build new applications at a fraction of the cost and time of the standard software development lifecycle. It allows for “continuous deployment” of apps and environments reducing the need to wait for periodic releases. Companies also have the ability to make CloudCube their own and dictate how the Software works for them rather than change their processes and workflows simply to fit a software solution.

CloudCube is the perfect Project software for consultancies

CloudCube can help Project Consultancies grow their revenue at no extra cost. Download the free brochure to find out more.

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