How to start the New Year right and foster healthy change as a business

Happy new year from everyone at Integrated Cloud! Let’s hope 2022 doesn’t turn out to be 2020 part 2! 

In the spirit of self-improvement associated with January, this article makes the case for some resolutions that you and your organisation can consider adopting this year. 

Get More Exercise…For Your Brain 

January is a popular time for us all to improve our physical fitness after a period of overindulgence during the holiday period. Many of us would benefit from exercising our minds too, perhaps after binging boxsets or being glued to games consoles. This year make a commitment to collect data about your organisation and know it inside out. There are numerous KPIs which can inform better decision making which could be unaccounted for: how are staff spending their time?, what is money projected to be spent on this year?, how satisfied are our customers? 

Adopt a Routine…For Your Workday 

Structure and planning are highly beneficial not just in your personal life but in business too. One of the major benefits for your career is it allows you to better manage the finite commodity most of us struggle with: time. Set aside 15 minutes every day for reflection and contemplation. It’s easy to get bogged down in a mire of tasks, but the most effective way to cut down trees is to stop and sharpen your axe rather than chop until you drop. Ask yourself: is there a smarter way I could have approached this?, how should I tackle this next time?, Am I repeating mistakes made in the past?, Is this work helping my business or just keeping me busy? 

Re-connect…With Your Employees 

After belated meet ups with friends and family during the holiday period, many of us promise to stay more frequently connected in the new year. In 2022 make this same commitment to your staff. The start of a new year is great time to conduct performance reviews and set ambitious targets for the months ahead. Make sure to schedule regular check ins on progress and resist the temptation to cancel these during busy periods so as not to trivialise the exercise. 

Start a New Project…To Improve Your Business 

Sometimes we all feel stuck in a rut and aspire to make a beneficial change to our lives or adopt a new hobby or passion project. If you don’t know what that could be for your business, why not ask your workforce for suggestions? Front line staff are the closest people in any business to operational processes and direct feedback from customers. Better than anyone they understand the pain points which may not be visible at a senior management or executive level. 

Cut Back On…Spreadsheets 

Sugar, alcohol, smoking, eating meat: these are all popular items people make promises to consume less of at the start of a new year to improve their health. In the workplace spreadsheets could be argued as the equivalent vice which should be abstained from. They foster cultures and processes which make data management more difficult such as segregating data and continually repairing anomalies resulting from limited quality controls. Instead, look to digitise all your disparate sources into one repository and reap the benefits of easy to access, high quality, and low maintenance data. 

Still need some motivation? CloudCube from Integrated Cloud can help your business put these resolutions into practice. To Do Lists can be captured and tracked to ensure critical work isn’t missed. Staff appraisals can be digitally stored, and progress monitored. Our Ideation module can become a digitised “suggestion box” allowing you to track ideas from inception to fully fledged projects. Best of all, it’s all part of a single integrated platform.

About the author

Michael has been part of Integrated Cloud's journey since 2013 and has worked as a key resource on several large transformation programs for clients all across the world. Michael is Head of Product Configuration, meaning he uses industry knowledge and expertise to head up the team that implement changes to CloudCube using the CloudCubeDNA low code application builder toolset.