What is CloudCube?

CloudCube is a multi-modular SaaS application which allows companies to manage all aspects of business operations. This includes HR, Finance, Contract Management, Meeting Management, Project Management and many more. As an integrated platform, it provides a single repository for all data which can be reported from, alleviating the issues of pulling together disparate and un-structured data sets.

Why should I use CloudCube?

Having individual software licenses for each of your business departments is costly and time consuming. CloudCube is designed so that all of your data lives under one roof and is by default, integrated. Your departments can communicate effortlessly through the sharing of real time data. As well as reduced cost and improved efficiency, this allows for simplified Business Intelligence and actionable insights into your democratised data.

What is different about how CloudCube is built?

CloudCube is built using our low/no code development toolset, CloudCubeDNA. This allows non-technical team members to make changes to the applications. They can also implement these changes without relying on developers or having to go through the standard Software Development Life Cycle required in other applications. In a nutshell, it means we can makes changes to application very quickly e.g., making changes to a specific workflow for clients.

What packages are available?

We understand that every business is different and has different needs from the software, so we have designed a number of packages that we feel answer varying business problems organisations are looking to solve without fragmenting the application too much. As stated, we’re all about integrated data and want businesses to reap the benefits of having all of your data in one secure repository.

CloudCube is available in the following packages:

  • CloudCube – The full suite of modules and sub-modules (c. 30) and functionality including HR, PPM, Sales, Finance, Meetings, Time and so on.
  • CloudCube Project – The project offering is designed for organisations looking to instil best in class PPM governance. It includes the full Portfolio, Programme and Project Management module as well as Ideation, Meetings, Contracts, Time modules. It also includes all enhanced views and features relevant to these modules.
  • CloudCube Operations – The operations offering is aimed at organisations who want to run their business more efficiently in the Cloud and digitise their day to day operations. It includes the HR, Time, Finance, Sales, Travel & Expense and Meeting modules as well as very basic project management. It also comes with Self Service for Employees, this is a separate portal from the Management view where they can see their personnel file and manage day to day activities such as submitting Timesheets and Holiday Requests or viewing their upcoming or overdue Actions and Tasks.
  • The CloudCube Concierge Service™️ – Make CloudCube your own. This package is aimed at companies and executives who want to instil their own workflows and processes into the system. Your agreed software changes can be implemented within hours rather than weeks or months. In essence, the application is fully customisable to your organisations needs where no “old-school” development work is required. As well as workflow/process configuration, the application can be white labelled to your needs and colour schemes changed etc. Please contact us to find out more about what this could mean for your organisation.

How long is the free trial period?

Free Trials are available for Operations or Project for a 7-day period here. Once a trial expires, you can choose to take a subscription. Any data added during a trial period is removed once a trial ends. If you want to keep the data you add during a trial to a new subscription, please speak to your account contact.

Do I need to give payment details before taking a trial?

No, trials are completely free with no obligation to take a subscription.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can change you plan or remove/add new users by contacting your account contact from Integrated Cloud at any point.

Do you offer implementation services?

Yes, we do offer full implementation services and onboarding including data preparation and upload. There will be a one-time fee dependent on the size of your company for the setup of your account. Please contact us here or speak to you account contact at Integrated Cloud to find out more.

What is the setup process like?

With our implementation service, you will provide the necessary data and your assigned implementation specialist helps you import it correctly, shows you how the system works, and gets you set up and running. Implementation generally takes four to six weeks, during which you can expect to have around two calls per week with your implementation specialist lasting between 30 minutes and an hour.

What integrations are available?

Integrations to varying platforms are available and can be configured to your needs, please contact us for more information on specific platforms. We believe a lot in integrated data which is why we build CloudCube the way we do. CloudCube also aims to reduce the need for API configuration by having all your data already in one secure platform. But while our goal is to offer a complete suite of modules with which to run a business, we know there are certain business processes that CloudCube does not address. We’re also aware that there are competing products that may better suit your needs. We’ll continue to develop integrations with third-party applications to make life as easy as we can for you.

Can you upload data from Excel or other formats?

Yes you can upload to any part of the system using Excel templates readily available from CloudCube. Uploading of data can be made available to a select number of users with Role Profiles as required by you and your team. CloudCube supports import of any amount of data through Excel.

CloudCube also supports import from Microsoft Project.

Can I export my data?

Yes, data is easily exported to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF as required. All reports are configurable by the end-user as well as there being a suite of out of the box reporting.

Reports can be White Labelled to your logo and colour scheme as part of our service; speak to your Integrated Cloud contact to find out more.

What reports come out of the box?

There is basic output reports available from most tables of the system for Excel, Word and PowerPoint where relevant. There are more sophisticated reports available for certain aspects of the table such as Projects. These include Project Dashboards, Risk Profiles, Burndown Charts etc. Contact us to find out more.

Is my data secure and private?

Yes, CloudCube is by design a very secure and private system. There are differing levels of security built in so that users only see the data you wish them to see or that they are privy to. By default, Users only see “their own” data, i.e. task which they are assigned, meetings they have attended, documents against their personnel file. Role Based Access is also controlled by the system administrator to allow Users access to certain parts of the application. For Example, the HR Manager role allows access to Employee Personnel files. Further controls can be configured as required by you and your teams, please contact us here or speak to you account contact at Integrated Cloud to find out more about specific use cases. The application is compliant with all data privacy rules and can also be adjusted to meet any specific policies in place within your company.

Where will my data be stored?

This is dependant on your location but by default, all of our applications are hosted on Microsoft Azure’s public cloud. This allows us to leverage their industry recognised and trusted security assurances and services including advanced threat protection, DDoS protection, and key vault.  If you would like further information, please contact us here or speak to you account contact at Integrated Cloud.

Is CloudCube GDPR compliant?

Yes. Our system and our support service are fully GDPR compliant. 

Do you carry out independent penetration testing?

Yes, we have a regular schedule of penetration testing by a third party to ensure that all of our security measures are effective and robust.

Which CloudCube plan is right for me?

We understand that each organisation is unique and requires specific features to support its workflows and projects. We offer free trials for both the CloudCube Project and Operations offerings so that you can get a sense of all of the features available across the platform. Whatever the business problems you are looking to solve, we believe CloudCube can be of assistance and are more than willing to discuss matters specific to you in detail on a curated demonstration(s), just fill in the demo request form and we’ll get you in the diary ASAP!

Do you share roadmaps for the application?

Not usually, no. If there’s functionality you need but don’t see within an application, please send a feature request to our team. You may learn we’re already working on it.

How do I access CloudCube?

CloudCube is available 24/7/365 to users anywhere. Each of our customers receive their own dedicated URL by which to access their CloudCube environment. This can be accessed from any internet browser. Browsers that we would recommend when accessing CloudCube include, but are not limited to, ChromeEdge and Firefox. We strongly recommend maintaining the most up-to-date version of whichever browser you use.

Does CloudCube come with a knowledge base?

Yes, there are various ways of finding help when using CloudCube:

  1. Help Text – This is available on every page within CloudCube. It gives users a full itemised breakdown of every field and button they are currently looking at. Companies and Individuals also have the ability to add their own help text in line with their own workflows and can also add relevant documentation to any page. If you’d like to know more, please contact us for a free demo.
  2. Campus Library – There is a suite of training videos, documents and runbooks available as default to all users here.
  3. FAQs – There is also an FAQ section for product and workflow information as required.

What Automation capabilities does CloudCube come with?

Automation is enabled in CloudCube with our bespoke automation engine, Smartflow. This allows for notifications and events to be triggered within the system. For example, users can be notified when there Holiday Request is approved, or managers are notified when new requests come in for approval.

In addition, Smartflow jobs can be configured to automatically run certain jobs for you such as:

  • Sending chaser emails to Users that Tasks and other items are overdue.
  • Sending specific reports daily/weekly/monthly to Stakeholders.
  • Reminders of company policy.

How much does it cost?

Cost is dependant on the package you are taking and the amount of users you will have.

Please contact us for a bespoke quote for your organisation based on your specific needs.

How long is your contract term?

You will not be tied into any long-term contract with the normal CloudCube packages; terms may differ for the Concierge package. Subscriptions work on a rolling monthly subscription. You can cancel at any time and will not be charged for any future months.

Do I get my data back if I cancel?

Yes. You just need to let us know that you want us to export it for you, and we will arrange to store your data and any documents you have uploaded to the system on a secure FTP site and provide you with access so that you can download your data. Data are provided as flat files. If you need to export your data before then, you can export using standard capabilities in CloudCube. Once we’ve shut down your system, we’ll also clear your data from our servers.

How can I reach customer support?

Our customer support will be happy to assist you (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm) via phone or email depending on your chosen subscription.

I can’t find the answer to my question.

Apologies, don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form or via the online chat. Alternatively, you can arrange a free demo here.

CloudCube Operations

Can I create an employee directory and reporting lines in CloudCube?

Yes, you can add and manage all of your employees with a complete personnel file including contact info, contract info and more. You can also organise your team into departments and set up who each individual reports to. It’s your one system of record. Employees also get access to their own personnel files and can learn about your company, the benefits they are entitled to, their team and so on.

Can I set up my team with different access rights to sensitive HR data?

Yes, there are multiple user roles which only allow access to certain data points or parts of the application. By default, a user can only see their own data unless they have had one or more user roles assigned by the admin. There are specific roles which control access to all sensitive personal data and financial data.

Can I manage paid time off, vacation, and sick time in CloudCube?

Yes, you can manage time-off requests from your employees, and have the balances and accruals tracked. Managers have a dedicated secure area with a very effective Calendar view to manage approvals.

Employees can also submit absences. Users have the ability to add documents against records if required.

Does CloudCube manage payroll?

No, but CloudCube makes it easy to schedule and run reports that output payroll data in the format your payroll system or services needs. Alternatively, it can integrate with your preferred payroll system. If you would like further information, please contact us here or speak to you account contact at Integrated Cloud.

CloudCube Project

Does it support Agile Project Management?

CloudCube is methodology agnostic. We have successfully managed waterfall, agile and hybrid programmes with previous customers. There are views and reports available which cater to both including Gantt Charts, Risk profiles, Burndown charts etc. Contact us to find out more or to arrange a demo of how this works in the Cube.

What workflow structure and terminology is used?

The default terminology used in CloudCube in hierarchical order is Portfolio, Programme and Project. Projects can be made up of simple tasks lists and milestones or be broken down into different Project Plans of tasks and milestones. Users have the ability to choose what level of granularity they want to go to for reporting purposes. The structure is highly adaptable and terminology easily mapped to any methodology. Contact us to find out more or to arrange a demo of how this works in the Cube.

Can sub-projects be managed?

Yes, Sub-Projects can be created and adds an additional level of control and granularity to your PM structures and reporting.

Can users manage Portfolios, Programmes and Projects independently?

Yes, all items can managed independently. Users can also manage simple plans and task lists without need of creating a project. The beauty of having the hierarchical structure is that all data is aggregated to its parent and it to its parent and so on. For example, an expense added against a project will not only contribute toward the actual spend of the project but it will also update the actual spend of any parent Programme and Portfolio.

Does CloudCube have Gantt Chart views?

Yes, there are actually a number of different views available to PMs. There is a simple Gantt view but also an enhanced view with drag and drop capability which is very useful for planning purposes. As well an enhanced view of all of your Portfolios, Programmes and Projects, there are more granular views of Projects and Tasks and also one for managing your Project Resources and their availability.

Can users add and manage Acceptance Criteria?

Yes, Acceptance Criteria can be added against key tasks and milestones. These Tasks and Milestones can only be fully closed once the Acceptance Criteria and deemed to have been met by the relevant individual(s).