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Hyper Development, more agile than Agile!

CloudCubeDNA is a Hyper Development
application builder that delivers:

• Significant reduction of modernising or transforming applications
• Unrivalled time to market of new innovation
• Speedy extension or build of new cloud applications
• Prototyping of new solutions
• Replacement of legacy with Cloud native

CloudCubeDNA – Pushing the boundaries of Software Development

CloudCubeDNA is a revolutionary low code/no code toolset that enables users with no knowledge of software design to directly build world class software at a fraction of the cost and time of the standard Software Development Lifecycle. We use the toolset ourselves to create and enhance our business management platform, CloudCube.

CloudCubeDNA allows for rapid extension and enhancement of all aspects of an application in line with user feedback.

We call this Hyper Development! Allow us to build software designed by you to fit your unique needs. 

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How Hyper Development Works

SME’s have complete control over an application, including :
page design, navigation, help text, and business intelligence.

It allows a very small team to build a feature rich application with limited developer input. This means a rapid development lifecycle, even surpassing the agile methodology.

Our approach to software development using CloudCubeDNA allows us to rapidly build feature rich software that is tailored to the end-users requirements but with significant savings in cost and time!

CloudCubeDNA works on the principle of generating application pages from templates, inheriting a rich set of attributes from the database to minimise repetitive tasks. This reduces build time and software defects by only using proven componentry. The automatic documentation of the system radically reduces technical documentation and help text overheads while applications are secure and compliant (GDPR etc.) with full audit and access controls available. 

Cloudify Legacy

CloudCubeDNA can easily cloudify legacy apps, databases, Excel based company systems etc.:

DNA Tools extract full database details into the CloudCubeDNA database.

DNA tools enable extensive additional information about each table and field to be captured and managed.

Reusable Componentry

Inheritance principles and predefined templates, reusable componentry and sophisticated business methods supported by a comprehensive toolset, generating perfect results every time.

The methods inject business logic (e.g. financial calculations), defaults, validation etc – there is no page specific coding.

Continuous Deployment

The target application is then generated completely by the toolset to create the full application in a few minutes. Once ‘live’ it can be accessed by the intended user base.

Changes to the application can be deployed on an as needs basis – a new version can be deployed within hours of a specific ask from leadership allowing the app to be in continuous deployment. 

Speedy innovation is a must for digital survival and Hyper-Development is the next big leap forward

With the rise of startups and Fin-Tech’s unburdened by legacy systems, margins are under increasing scrutiny, and ever-expanding regulatory directives all heighten pressure.

Institutions must now make changes more quickly than competitors by investing in applications that allow them to stay ahead of the pack and deliver lower operating costs through consolidation of the application environment delivered on Cloud Technology.

Those looking to significantly increase their adaptive abilities need to be even more agile than Agile. Low-code development could reduce 80-90% of the application development lifecycle time and cost for organisations. 

What the DNA can do for you...

Significantly reduce the cost and time of building, modernising and transforming applications

Unrivalled time to market and capabilities for new innovation

Enable speedy extension or building of new applications

Easily Prototype New Ideas and Solutions

Replace legacy systems and an over reliance on spreadsheets and move to the Cloud

Accelerate Innovation

Improve Client Retention

Revenue Expansion Opportunities

Inoculate yourself against the competition

If you want to find out more about CloudCubeDNA or want to arrange a Demo, please get in touch!