Manage Sales CRM and Growth in the cloud

The CloudCube Sales CRM module has been designed to allow you to effectively track and manage all aspects of the sales cycle, providing instant access to the sales team, status of leads, contacts, activities and more.

Our software manages the life cycle of sales from first contact as a lead to a renewing customer, providing a loyalty framework for making new sales with existing customers.

Manage and track all leads and related contact information, with the ability to target specific industries or pre-created lists through our sales campaign manager. Utilise Smartflow, our automating engine to send email and SMS communications to your contacts with enhanced tracking capability.

CloudCube gives you the freedom to track the performance of members of your sales team. Produce forecasts for expected revenue to give you a transparent view of the sales team.

CloudCube Sales CRM Module.
Let’s run through what is included…

Contact Management

Creating company/client accounts provides transparency throughout the sales department. Users can log correspondence within each account and ensure that any further contact made is kept in line with the current stage of the sales cycle.

Company Management

Detailed company information can also be captured and managed, including company size, financials and other important information required by a salesperson or sales team.

Sales Pipeline

Manage leads throughout the sales cycle and collaborate online, with a full history of all activity on each lead. Leads can be tracked through the sales pipeline. Smartflow notifications can be configured to act as contact reminders.

Lost Leads

Detailed information can be captured on lost leads or opportunities. This real-time data can help management and sales teams determine if a change of approach in sales strategy is required for the benefit of future opportunities.

Heat Mapping

Record the appropriate ‘Heat’ level of a sales lead or opportunity. This information is pivotal for management to determine accurate sales forecasting. The ‘Heat’ status of a lead or opportunity can also be easily adjusted or mass updated multiples of leads at once with our mass update functionality.

Sales Forecasting

CloudCube’s forecasting functionality can be used to envision the potential revenue from sales individuals, teams and campaigns. This real-time data is essential for reporting at management and board level. No longer does management have to rely on spreadsheets being emailed from individual salespeople.

Product Management

With CloudCube’s product galleries, organisations can capture and record extensive details for product or service offerings. This information is easily managed and can be updated and available in an instant to your entire sales organisation, wherever they are.

Campaign Management

Create marketing campaigns and then monitor their progress and results. Users will have access to a comprehensive sales metric and reporting system, meaning a clear company sales cycle can be defined and followed. Management can determine the reasons for contracts won or lost, meaning they can set appropriate measures for winning business.

Sales Scripts

Sales Scripts can be captured in CloudCube allowing for consistent sale messaging across an organisation. Sales Scripts can be changed and available instantly to sales individuals and teams, regardless of location. Smartflow emails or text notifications can be configured to inform the organisation of any changes.

Sales Orders

Completed sale orders can be captured and recorded in CloudCube. Order type, quantity, delivery details and the value can all be logged against the successful individual or team. The integration of CloudCube allows for easy management and tracking of sales commission payments against orders placed.

Sales Contracts

For Sales that require contract management, CloudCube has a ready-made solution. Detailed contract information can be captured and recorded again a successful sale. Purchase invoice information can also be logged against any contract that has been captured.

Company Directory

Find your sales colleagues’ most up-to-date contact details instantly anywhere, anytime with our Online Company Directory.

Sales Announcements

Share important news and updates with your sales teams ensuring sales personnel remain engaged and informed.

Sales FAQs

Address all company sales questions from travel and expense policies to commission payments. Sales personnel can also ask questions via Self Service and choose whether they wish these to be published or not.

Document Library

One central repository for storing key documents securely such as contracts, fit notes, company policies and handbook.

Asset Management

Track company assets which are in a sales persons possession and ensure they are returned when they leave the organisation.

Travel Management

Integrated with Self Service, your sales personnel can input their travel requests for approval by a line manager, the details of which can be automatically set up as expense entries. Organisations can instantly track and monitor company expenditure.

Expense Management

With our online expenses, sales personnel can enter expenses for approval through their Self Service module, anywhere and anytime. All notifications and approval processes are handled by CloudCube online.

To-Do Lists

An online way to organise how to get things done quickly and efficiently. Sales personnel can see all of the items at a glance and prioritise what needs to be done according to timelines and importance.

Online Calendar

Our online calendar captures and displays all meetings, actions, events, in fact, it can be configured to display almost anything in CloudCube.

Wiki Help

Managers can create company-wide help text to ensure compliance with company processes. Staff can create their own personalised Help pages to remind them of their individual responsibilities.


Real Time reporting that can be customised configured & output at a touch of a button to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. CloudCube’s Sales dashboards can give valuable ‘at a glance’ data on sales performance by individual, teams, product and campaign.

Meeting Manager

Run effective meetings with our online meeting tool. Capture actions and minutes, decisions from client and sales opportunities. This integrated module allows managers and teams to have a transparent view of an organisations sales approach by being able to identify weakness from client interaction recorded in the application.


Your sales team can log time against specific tasks in their timesheets. The time module can be used to see where time and resources should be allocated so you can run effective campaigns.

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