Manage your Meetings in the Cloud

Do you sit in hours of meetings that lead to no action or progress?

Allow Meeting Manager to take the stress out of managing meetings while ensuring and enhancing Meeting Governance within your Organisation.

Every company runs Meetings. Be this Board Meetings, Steering Committees, HR Meetings or anything in-between. Online meeting management software is now a vital element for any organisation. Meeting Manager can be your solution.

Meeting Manager provides a secure and efficient tool for preparing, executing, and following up meetings.

Use Meeting Manager to easily:

  • Provide attendees with all necessary meeting information.
  • Make Agendas and Documents securely available.
  • Capture Notes, Actions and Decisions.
  • Produce beautifully formatted Minutes and Board Papers with the click of a button.
  • Chase down overdue actions for you.

And much more, see below…


Better Meeting Preparation

Professional Meeting Agendas

Store Attendee Information (e.g., contact details, job title)

Record Meeting Details (e.g., conference numbers, room details)

Custom Branded Deck Templates

Meeting Series Handling

Access and Manage a grouping of Meetings (e.g., Board Meetings)

View and Report on All Data from Meetings (Actions, Decisions, etc.)

Provides a Secure Library for All Meeting Documentation

Easily Generate a Rich New Record based on Previously Added Data

Post Meeting

Export Minutes to Word/PDF

Auto Distribution of Minutes to Attendees

Auto Chasing and reminders on Actions

Meeting Minutes and Board Papers Securely Stored for Remote Access

Only Authorised Users Can Access Meeting Minutes

Meeting Analytics

Historic Meeting Attendance.

Action Dashboards – Overdue, Upcoming etc.

Reporting on all outcomes.

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View an Example of Meeting Minutes/Board Papers Exported Direct from CloudCube, at a Click of a Button:

Meeting Manager integrates fully with Manage Projects to help ensure governance across your projects.

CloudCube Meeting Manager.
Let’s run through what is included…

Automated Agendas

Automatically produce professional meeting agendas from CloudCube templates.

Attendee Information

Store attendee information (e.g. contact details, dietary requirements, disability requirements) which are due to be recharged back to a client.

Manage Meeting Details

Record and manage meeting details (e.g. conference numbers, room details, catering requirements) to allow attendees easy access to all required information.

Meeting Reminders

Configure auto reminders of upcoming meetings and distribute relevant meeting documents.

Meeting Minutes

Capture minutes directly into CloudCube. Export minutes to PDF and easily distribute minutes to attendees.

Action Tracking

Automatically assign individuals to actions and track them in CloudCube. Create auto chasing and reminders about actions. Pull through Open actions within a meeting series.

Meeting Documents

One central repository for storing key documents securely such as meeting minutes and all relevant meeting documents. These can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Only authorised users can access meeting document repository.

Meeting Series

Create a Meeting Series to handle repeated, scheduled meetings. Generate future meetings in a series based on frequency and store documents related to the Meeting Series.

Project Meetings

Ensures strong governance – all agreed actions are tracked – explicit ownership means people are clearly on the hook which drives timely completion of actions. Auto-generation and distribution of meeting minutes and stored against the meeting record to provide for audit purposes.

HR Meetings

Ensure your disciplinary and grievance records are accurate and secure with this useful feature. Track all employee disciplinary and grievance cases, capturing meeting details and evidence.

Performance Meetings

Managers can configure all performance and appraisal meetings with automatic notifications set as reminders. Track objectives and actions discussed as part of the performance review meetings. Set Smartflow alerts for appraisals to ensure that they are carried out successfully.

Online Calendar

When an attendee has been added to a meeting series or an individual meeting, it is automatically added to their CloudCube online calendar and stores all relevant information such as date, time, venue etc against the entry.

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