Project Finances

Comprehensive project finance tracking with CloudCube

Add costs at the lowest level, track them at the highest

With CloudCube’s Portfolio, Programme and Project handling, financial tracking and reporting is made easy. Costs automatically roll up and aggregate at the parent level. For example, individual costs added against a project will total on the project record. This along with any other projects will roll up to their parent programme, and so on. If programmes aren’t in use, then project finances auto rolls up to the relevant portfolio. Portfolios, Programmes and Projects can also be managed independently without the “parent & child” relationships.

Costs added at the lowest level aggregate to the highest

Get Real-Time Reporting

Portfolio Budget

At the Portfolio level, you can see and analyse rolled up totals of all your costs, benefits, purchase orders etc. from all of your underlying programmes and projects.


Reporting on spend

Programme Reporting

Bespoke reporting gives you the insights you need and breakdown of you spend by category, type, location, project and so on. This can be at the Portfolio, Programme or Project level.

Example of a Project budget data screen. It shows budget calculations and multicurrency handling

Multicurrency handling

Project Budget

Example of a Project budget data screen. It shows budget calculations and multicurrency handling. Project data is automatically recalculated in line with its parent programme/portfolio currency.


Dynamic Dashboard views

Project Expenses

Expenses, POs, etc. can all be captured for your projects and totalled. At each level, in app dashboards give quick view and analysis to users and highlight any anomalies or trends.

Screenshot of project expenses captured for a project in cloudcube with dashboard view.

Reporting on Project Finances

All financial aspects of a Project can be tracked with Automated reporting keeping key Stakeholders up to date on progress. This includes expenses, POs, Resource spend through Rates Cards, etc. These can be White-Labelled for clients needs.

Holistic Resource Spend Planning, Tracking & Reporting

The PPM module automatically links to the Time Management module to give you complete resource spend planning, tracking and reporting. This forms part of the CloudCube solution for project finances.

1. Rate Cards & Allocation

When allocating Resources against Projects, simply choose what dates and what % of their time they will be allocated. Easily select which Rate Card will apply, if applicable. This will give you simple forecasting on spend.

2. Timesheets

When a user then fills out their timesheet in CloudCube, actual chargeable amounts are calculated based on hours logged against specific tasks and/or projects. Reports are available to show forecasts v actual.

3. Invoices

Invoices can be created based on the actual chargeable amount and edited as required to give discounts, free time, etc. Invoices are exported from CloudCube and can be sent to a client.

Methodology Agnostic

Be it Agile, Waterfall, Lean, or anything in between. Let your teams work their way and report holistically across your workstreams

We build CloudCube to cater for all needs. The hierarchical structure is easily adapted to capture projects of every flavour. Be it user stories, plans, tasks, milestones, whatever; when items are completed and outcomes or benefits captured, they aggregate up to your spend portfolios in the same way for holistic reporting.

Brief video introduction to CloudCube PPM

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