P3M Structure

Portfolio, Programme & Project Management with CloudCube.

Plan, fund, track, and deliver value

CloudCube’s Portfolio, Programme and Project management (P3M) aims to reduce risk, improve transparency and give you and you teams the insight they need. It allows your organisation to plan and deliver your work with complete oversight and granular tracking. All outcomes and benefits from the smallest task can be attributed up to and reported for largest portfolio so you never lose sight of value.

Please note: Portfolios, Programmes and Projects can also be managed independently without the “parent & child” relationships.

Methodology Agnostic

Be it Agile, Waterfall, Lean, or anything in between – Let your teams work their way and report holistically across your workstreams

We build CloudCube to cater for all needs. The hierarchical structure is easily adapted to capture projects of every flavour. Be it user stories, plans, tasks, milestones, whatever; when items are completed and outcomes or benefits captured, they aggregate up to your spend portfolios in the same way for holistic reporting.

Brief video introduction to CloudCube PPM

CloudCube offers a simple P3M hierarchical structure that will fit any PMO need


Manage & track every aspect of your work – from ideation, projects and tasks to contacts, backlog, costs and reporting. Get a 360-degree overview of your KPIs, demand and resourcing.



With CloudCube, your departments and their data are always in sync. With no need for APIs or multiple systems, you have a single source of truth for your project data which gives you clear oversight and insight.



As we say, your data is fully integrated and therefore always in sync as updates are added. All reports and dashboards are based on real-time data, giving you instant oversight over your data.


Plans, Tasks, Milestones, Benefits, Deliverables, Risks, Costs, etc., can be captured at every level as applicable.

The nested structure allows for

  • Rapid drill down from the highest level to the most granular project milestone and keeps the user in the context of the data they want to investigate and/or manage.
  • Data to flow down and up the hierarchical structure ensuring real-time status can be reported at any level (spend, benefits realized, future benefits, milestone and action management etc.) as well as a forward view that is more accurate and informed.

Get the insights you need:

Take your P3M planning to the next level

Drag & Drop Gantt Charts

Easily view and manage your Portfolios, Programmes and Projects in drag and drop Gantt Charts. You can also manage your Project Resource pool

Gif example of a Gantt view in Manage Projects in CloudCube. The Example shows the drag and drop capability with resources timelines being moved around.
Drag and drop capability makes planning simple and visual.
Dashboards redraw dynamically based on filtered and searched data points.

Get Real-Time Reporting

Dynamic Dashboards & Views

Data is Secure and accessible to those with the right Roles. Dynamic views are available for viewing and reporting on your data.

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Get your best ideas executing under your Portfolios

From Ideation to Execution to ROI

CloudCube’s Ideation handling fully connects to your PPM, allowing even your team’s smallest of Ideas to become a fully fledged project which can be tracked through to benefit and ROI.

Find out more about how Ideation can feed your P3M here.

P3M Reporting

All aspects of your Portfolios can be tracked to the most granular level. With Automated reporting keeping key Stakeholders up to date on progress. CloudCube is adept at tracking both Agile and Waterfall projects. Bespoke reporting is available for all flavours and methodologies. These can be White-Labelled and created bespoke based on client’s needs.

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