Ideation with CloudCube – all innovation begins with an idea

Cartoon graphic showing 2 female workers looking at a chart with a lightbulb about one of their heads. Text reads "Capture new ideas anywhere anytime with CloudCube Ideation management. Track ideas from concept to reality and ROI"

CloudCube’s Idea Management Software

Embrace and foster a culture of innovation, capture your team’s best and brightest ideas and track them all the way through to project execution and benefit.

Cloudify and centralise your organisation’s innovation and brainstorming.

With Ideation in CloudCube, you can easily collect, develop and prioritise the best ideas your organisation has to offer. Quickly capture new ideas as your business’ priorities change. Let teams collaborate and mature items before confirming them as live funded projects. Track all outcomes and return on investment. Easily recognise the originators of key innovations.

End to end Ideation to Project Management



Your teams and individuals can capture new ideas anytime anywhere. Management have the ability to simply create a new topic/strategic theme as business priorities shift.



Users can build out the basic business case of the idea as it shifts through the review process of your business. Email notifications keep everyone up to date on any status changes of records.



Build up a backlog of mature ideas that are ready to be implemented and prioritised based on current company strategy’s and capacity. As capacity comes available you always have work ready to go.

Benefits of Going Digital with your Idea Management

Transparency & Collaboration

Not only can managing a physical suggestion box be time-consuming, employees might not know if their suggestion was even ever seen. Switching to a digital process means the data is available across departments and changes made in the system update across the board, instantaneously; therefore ideas are kept up to date for everyone. Employees can access their ideas, and those that they’ve been added as a collaborator anytime, anywhere and follow its progress through you your approval process.

Increased Speed of Innovation

Being agile and adaptable to change can be critical to speedy innovation. CloudCube Ideation empowers organisations to pivot quickly and gather new ideas for any switching priorities at the board level. This can foster collaboration and ensure momentum. Innovation feeds further innovation and will get your team talking about new ideas and asking questions about current approaches and what can be improved. It can get your teams focused on a continuous improvement model.

Secure your IP

Digital Idea Management gives you more control over who can access files and records and when. This gives you greater control over your IP and over any key innovations going through the ideation process at any point. No one can access information in CloudCube unless they are authorised to do so. CloudCube uses only best in class cloud infrastructure. This allows us to leverage industry recognised and trusted security assurances and services including advanced threat protection, DDoS protection, and key vault. If you’d like to find out more, please get in contact.

Improved Employee Experience

Employee experience is now more important than ever. Keeping your people feeling engaged is critical. By crowdsourcing ideas for your biggest priorities your employees will already feel engaged. By then keeping individuals posted about the progress of their ideas you reduce the risk of disenfranchisement. When you digitise processes, you provide your staff a modern experience that allows them to complete their duties efficiently and productively.

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