Digitise your Employee Personnel Files

Employee Database Software

With digital employee personnel files in CloudCube, you can manage your staff data in a single, secure, cloud based HR Database. Move away from unconnected spreadsheets and paper files and give your HR team a single source of organised and highly secure data at their fingertips at all times. Sensitive data is only accessible to those who have appropriate access and this is easily controlled by you.

Easily view and manage all employees in one secure area.

Streamline your Employee Management and HR processes


Self Service

Employees can update specific details directly in CloudCube through their Self Service portal. You do not need to chase data and enter updates. This can save HR time, and reduce the risk of error. 



Keep all employee documents against their digital employee personnel file. This gives you a single repository to find all important info such as contracts, tax documents, pre-employment checks, etc.


Historical Data

Stay compliant with employment law and your internal policies by keeping pertinent information securely online for as long as it may be needed, and easily found when it is needed.

For each Employee, you can easily capture:

  • Basic Personal Profile
  • Contract Details
  • Who they report to
  • Who reports to them
  • Position History
  • Salary, Benefits & Working Pattern
  • Pre-Employment Checks
  • Appraisals
  • Employee Documents
  • Skills & Competencies
  • Leave Entitlement & Usage
  • And much more

Benefits of Going Digital with Your Employee Personnel Files

Improved Efficiency & Accuracy

Managing physical records and requests is time-consuming. It can also be overwhelming for your HR staff to maintain paper files and manual processes. Switching to electronic records means the data is available across departments and changes made in the system update across the board, instantaneously, therefore keeping them up to date for everyone. Employees can also access their data through Self Service and in some instances update it themselves as required or else flag any errors or inaccuracies to their manager.

Centralised book of records

Having a centralised and dedicated area for your employee database allows your managers to easily find what they need at all times. It’s much easier to find and access information that is stored digitally than it is to have to find a file or document stored in a cabinet. Consistently categorised and up to date data empowers managers to quickly process tasks, fix errors and find documents. They also have everything they may need at their fingertips for audit purposes.

Better Security

Paper files are inherently insecure. Digital HR gives you more control over who can access files and when. Since data loss or breach could cost your business money and reputation, keeping things secure is paramount and reduces these risks. No one can access information in CloudCube unless they are authorised to do so. This includes all sensitive personal data. CloudCube uses only best in class cloud infrastructure. This allows us to leverage industry recognised and trusted security assurances and services including advanced threat protection, DDoS protection, and key vault. If you’d like to find out more, please get in contact.

Improved Employee Experience

Employee experience is now more important than ever. In particular, around how they find the information they need and the ease of access in doing so. Having their own personalised Self Service portal gives your staff a go to area for all company information, documents and policies as well as being able to easily access all of their own data. In today’s digital world, paper-based systems and processes can seem antiquated and fall short of employee expectation. When you digitise processes, you provide your staff a modern experience that allows them to complete their duties efficiently and productively.

Some of the handy features that will save you time

Self Service Data Entry

Make your data capture processes more efficient by letting your employees add their own data during onboarding. This saves you from the data entry and reduces the chances or errors. Users can update certain aspects of their profile and personnel file through their Self Service. Here, they can only see their own data, no one else’s. This capability can save time and cost, all while preserving the security of your data.

Employees can view and update certain aspects of their personnel file

Employee Documents

Safely and securely store documents against records. Documents can then be viewed in app by individuals with relevant authorisation only, ensuring privacy and security.

As well as this, template documents that can be reused time and again by staff can be made available in the Document Library to users.

Quick pop up in-app document viewing.

Reporting & Dashboards

There are varying quick views and dashboards to help managers find the data they need within the employee database. A suite or pre-loaded reports come out of the box based on industry standards.

Further white-labelled reports can be configured based on an organisations needs.

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