Absence Management in the Cloud

Online Staff Absence Management

Our online absence management system makes it simple for employees and managers to submit, track and manage attendance. Managers are always kept up date and use the tools and reports available to identify any trends and issues.

Simplify your Absence Management and gain valuable insights


Simple submission

Employees can submit new Absences from their Self Service anytime, anywhere. They can categorise the Absence (e.g. Sickness, Jury Duty, Dental Appointment) and input the planned dates. They also have the option to leave open-ended until more information is known.


Documents & Policies

Company’s can make their policies around absences readily available from the Document Library in Self Service. Template forms can also be made available as required e.g. Self Certification forms.


Clear view of Staffing

Managers are notified via email when new Absence records are submitted. They can then review the record on the Holiday & Absence Calendar to get a holistic view of staffing. Reporting is available for extra insights on absence trends.

Some of the handy features that will save you time


The Calendar View gives managers a holistic view of upcoming staffing levels and helps them see what absences are upcoming. Records are easily reviewed and supporting documentation can also be viewed in app keeping them secure and private.

Absence Documents

Safely and securely store documents against records. When submitting an Absence, users can add optional or mandatory documentation as required. For example, a user could add copy of a Jury Citation against an absence for jury duty.

Documents can be viewed in app by individuals with relevant authorisation only, ensuring privacy and security. This can also aid you in becoming a paperless office.

Quick pop up in-app document viewing.

Reporting & Dashboards

There are varying quick views and dashboards to help managers assess who is in and who is out any given day. As well as this, reporting on absence totals and trends are readily available.

Further white-labelled reports can be configured based on an organisations needs.

Empower your managers & staff

  • Monitor staffing levels by comparing who’s in/who’s out
  • Staff can submit absences anytime anywhere
  • Data is stored securely for historic reference and compliance
  • Managers get a clear overview of all absences and trends
  • Comprehensive white labelled reporting
  • Integrate seamlessly with all other HR data and features

Benefits of an online absence management system

Reduce further absences

When monitoring employee absence through your absence management system, being able to track the outcomes of processes like return to work interviews can be key to understanding why your employees are taking time off. It can also highlight and enlighten management on what can be done to support staff and to reduce the impact of further sick days on your teams.

Centralised book of records

Having a centralised and dedicated process for absence management allows your managers to easily track absence trends. No longer will they have to manage submissions by email, calls, etc. or have to track manually. Consistently categorised and up to date data empowers managers to assess absence trends and make decisions.

Get away from email, spreadsheets and paper files

Attempting absence tracking in spreadsheets can be difficult to keep accurate and up to date and is also not robustly secure and private. Having records safely in the cloud with documents attached means that you no longer have to track absences from email trails and by downloading attachments.

Empower staff with self-service absence submission

CloudCube allows users to submit new absences anywhere anytime. This is done through their Self Service portal where Company policies can be made available so that users can stay up to date on any company rules around absence. Template documents can such as Self Certification forms can also be made available.

Transparency & Consistency

The cloud based absence and holiday calendar clearly shows managers who is out at any time either across the whole company or within their team. They can clearly see all upcoming absences and holiday requests and make decisions based around this, leading to fewer problems with attendance and staffing. It can also be used in conjunction with the Company & Project Calendars to assess how absence will affect upcoming demand.

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