Finance Management in the cloud

Cost & Payment insights & control

The CloudCube Finance module has been designed to allow you to manage all of your finance assignments in one place, integrating with a number of key modules within our system such as HR, Time and Project for enhanced efficiency.

Integrated with Self Service, your employees can input their travel requests, submit expenses and cash advances while all approvals are managed online with automated notifications, ensuring you have a full audit trail around your expenses process.

Upload receipts against expense entries which can be scanned or photographed and uploaded from your mobile device

Features include:

  • Travel Management
  • Expense Management
  • Online Approvals
  • Online Receipt Storage
  • Calculate Mileage Claims
  • Asset Management
  • Cash Advance Management
  • Multi-Currency
  • Payment Management
  • Employee Benefits
  • Membership Detail Management
  • Location Allowance Management

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Industry Spotlight – Non-Profit Organisations

Charities now need to consider the option of expense management software to enhance the transparency of their financial reports.

CloudCube’s cloud-based expense management SaaS platform is designed to enable total spend control, and transparency which is ideal for charitable organisations.

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End-to-End Travel and Expense Management: A Use Case

Ryan regularly travels from Glasgow to London. He has set up a travel request template for his typical trip. He uses the template to create a pre-populated travel request whenever he requires one. He can tweak as needed on case by case basis. Once finalised he submits to his manager for approval to travel. His manager receives notification of a travel request needing his approval which he inspects and approves.

Ryan receives notification he is approved to travel as does the travel department who book his flights and hotel. Finance also receive confirmation. He requests a cash advance of £250 to cover incidentals. During the trip he incurs additional expense items and some estimated costs vary. When the trip is completed he sees that the system has automatically generated a set of pro-forma expenses for him and he adds in the new expense items and correct costs. He credits some of the incidental costs to his cash advance account rather than receive payment. He uploads the receipts and submits his expenses for approval. His line manager can see which items are rechargeable to the client and can view the original travel request against the submitted claim and confirm if they are happy with any variances.

Once approved notifications are issued and the system generates payment records, as well as generating a credit to Ryan’s cash advance account. The finance department receive instructions to process the payments and reconcile the flights and accommodation costs to supplier invoices.

CloudCube Finance Module.
Let’s run through what is included…

Travel Management

Integrated with Self Service, your employees can input their travel requests, the details of which can be automatically set up as expense entries which can be grouped and submitted as a batch in many formats such as chargeable or non – chargeable to a client.

Expense Management

With our online expenses, staff can enter expenses for approval through their Self Service module and all notifications and approval processes are handled by CloudCube online. Expenses covers foreign exchange, as well as providing provision for marking up expenses which are due to be recharged back to a client.

Online Approval

All approvals are managed online, ensuring you have a full audit trail around your expenses process.

Online Receipts

Our expense system also allows employees to upload receipts against expense entries which can be scanned or photographed and uploaded from your mobile device.

Calculate Mileage

With our Fleet Management functionality, CloudCube allows users to capture details of company or fleet cars as well as individuals personal vehicles. This allows our expense entry system to calculate mileage against the appropriate rate.

Asset Management

Track company assets which are in an employee’s possession and ensure they are returned when they leave the organisation. Managers can also calculate depreciation values of assets and set up Smartflow email reminders when the warranty of an asset is due to expire.

Cash Advance

Allocate and manage employee cash advance payments and returns. Fully integrated with our expense management functionality, employees can easily notify company finance departments that expense payments due should go towards any outstanding cash advance re-payment.


CloudCube allows for organisations to stay current with currency exchange rates. Users can then easily make travel requests or expense claims in a foreign currency and let CloudCube handle the exchange conversion.

Payment Management

Once expenses are approved, you can create payments to be made to staff and use this to integrate with your accounting software, reducing the time spent reconciling bank accounts.

Create Templates

For recurring complex trips and expense requests, use CloudCube’s “Cloning’ functionality to build a profile that can then simply be ‘tweaked’ each time it is used. Avoid the time-consuming process of constantly creating new records for the same thing.

Employee Benefits

Record all company benefits schemes including policy details, user accounts etc… manage and track who and what employees are eligible for each scheme.

Membership Details

Never forget login details again. Capture all company and personal membership details including username, passwords, policy numbers, safe in the knowledge that CloudCube is 100% secure.

Location Allowances

CloudCube allows finance departments to configure Location Allowance profiles that ensure employees are aware of payment allocations and can only claim expenses up to the approved Location Allowance amounts set.

Wiki Help

Managers can create company-wide help text to ensure compliance with company processes. Staff can create their own personalised Help pages to remind them of their individual responsibilities.


Real Time reporting that can be customised configured & output at a touch of a button to Word, Excel and PowerPoint meaning an organisation can understand its cash position in realtime.

Purchase Orders

Capture and manage all company agreed purchase orders. Fully integrated with or invoice functionality, finance departments can record invoices against purchase orders.

Rate Cards

Employee, contractor and 3rd party resources can create Rate Cards and book time against Projects and Tasks they are resources of. This assists in the of invoices based on Time submitted and Rate Card allocated..

Contract Management

Breakdown a complex contract into individual schedules and clauses. Monitor a supplier’s delivery against SLAs, deliverables or obligation. Smartflow reminders can be configured to notify of upcoming obligations and milestones.

Spares and Parts

Admin departments can create a full inventory of repeatable supplier orders and set Smartflow reminders to notify when an order or renewal date are approaching.


When an employee submits an expense batch, their manager will be notified by email or SMS. Once an employee expense has been approved or paid, they too will receive an SMS message – all generated automatically from the system.

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