Company Information and Communication

Give your staff all the company information they need to know

CloudCube’s Company Information & Communication module, allows you to build up libraries of information and resources that your teams will need to go about their business.

It provides a highly secure forum were you can make key data available to users including:

  • Company News
  • Policies & Documents
  • Company Events
  • FAQs
  • Training Materials
  • And other useful data points
Data Democratisation through connected networks
Put everything your staff need to know at there fingertips at all times.

Some of the features of CloudCube’s Company Information Management

Company News & Annoucements

This is a great vehicle for managers and communication teams to publicise news, recognition, and updates about a company. Additional links and documentation can be stored against stories providing a refreshing alternative to generic e-mails being sent out from mailing lists. Staff can also comment on stories giving posters instant feedback.

Company Directory

Company directories allow staff to quickly find the contact details of someone in their organisation. With remote work adoption increasing, this has never been more valuable as many teams are no longer co-located in a single office or even a single building or campus.

Document & Policy Libraries

Give your workforce a simple go to area for all of your Company Policies and Documents that they may need. CloudCube’s Document Library does exactly what it says on the tin, gives you a library of documents & information from which your teams can find what they need, when they need it. The Document Library is available in both the Management view and also to Self Service users.

Company Events

With Company Events in CloudCube, managers have the ability to add company wide calendar events. These show up in the Communications Calendar as well as Self Service users personal Calendars. For example, a Company All Hand’s meeting can be made public to all users with information on how to join.

Training Materials

CloudCube’s Training Materials Library is where users can go to find training materials on the system. As well as this though, Companies have the ability to add their own training materials on any topic they need to. That way you can keep your teams up to date and compliant on any number of measures.


Another intranet staple is frequently asked questions; a repository of commonly sought knowledge which you can’t find on Google as it’s normally internal to the company. In CloudCube, employees can submit questions from their self-service portal and even mark them as private to ensure they are not published to a wider audience.

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