Online CLM with CloudCube

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software

Take control of your contracts and gain valuable insights with CloudCube. Easily tie costs, obligations, and risks back to your PPM while keeping track of benefits.

Cloudify and centralise your organisation’s CLM

With Contract Management in CloudCube, you can increase contract visibility across your organisation. As a result of increased visibility and control, you can lower risk and never miss an obligation or renewal date. Simple tools give you oversight of your CLM and allow for tracking of all outcomes and return on investment.

Example of a Contract timeline and calendar as part of CloudCube's online CLM
Calendar views give an easy overview of all upcoming aspects of contract management, therefore giving simple oversight of all deadlines and expiring items.

End to End Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

It is widely reported that poor contract management can cost organisations 9.2% of their revenue on average. Get your hands around your contract data and minimise your risks with CloudCube.



Capture and mange all aspects of a contract and keep track of key dates and renewals. Contracts data is effortlessly tied to the Sales CRM and PPM modules for end-to-end lifecycle management.



When prospecting new projects and contracts, you can track any RFIs and RFPs. All aspects and documentation can be captured for responses and reported on as you go through your approval process.



Once new projects are confirmed, capture all aspects of your Statements of Work. Track these alongside the relevant projects and work items. SOWs can be captured individually or linked to an overall contract.

Details that can be tracked for all contracts:

  • Documents
  • Objectives
  • Schedules
  • Constraints
  • Notices
  • Penalties
  • Statements of Work
  • Purchase Orders
  • Deliverables
  • Risks
  • Service Catalogue
  • Assumptions & Dependencies
  • Associated Projects
  • Resources
  • Obligations
  • Change requests
  • Governance Meetings
  • Costs & Licenses

Some of the Benefits of Going Digital with Online CLM in CloudCube

A Centralised Book of Records

By centralising your key Contract data sets and renewal processes in one application, not only will it be more efficient to engage with and mange the data, but contract details will also connect to other key data sets, such as PPM. This will give your organisation a clear view of spend, renewal timelines, risks and obligations. This will reduce the efficiency drain arising from manual efforts needed to monitor renewals and review contract positions.

Increased Efficiency

With integrated data, dashboards, and reporting, the effort to manually review contract positions and renewal timelines is significantly reduced. Reminders keep users up to date on when things are coming into scope for review. Switching to a digital process means that any changes made in the system update across the board instantaneously; therefore keeping all departments in sync and working of the same dataset.

Analytics & Reporting

With in app calendar views, dashboards, and fully customisable reports, CloudCube’s CLM will give you a holistic view on all your active and in-draft contracts. This helps highlight the exact data you need, as well as upcoming items that need attention. As a result of integrated data, you can measure the success of your contracts while also flagging improvements that can be made. Your legal teams will be free to focus on their jobs with executive reporting handled with a click of a button.

Secure Data

Digital CLM in CloudCube gives you complete control over who can access files and records. This gives you greater control over your IP and over any sensitive company/client data. No one can access information in CloudCube unless authorised to do so. CloudCube uses only best in class cloud infrastructure. This means utilising industry recognised and trusted security assurances and services including advanced threat protection, DDoS protection, and key vault. If you’d like to find out more you can get in contact.

Template-ised Contracts

Companies can build up a library of reusable contracts; these are used to easily create new, editable records that are changed as required. This can greatly save the time it takes to create new contracts. Users have the ability to clone a live contract and update it to suit new needs. These newly created drafts can then go through a companies approval process. The reporting functionality exports newly created drafts to Word/PDF.

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