The Benefits of Online Holiday and Leave Management

The benefits of online holiday management are many. Poor leave management can cost organisations both time and money. Having an antiquated system were rules and processes are opaque can affect employee performance and morale. It can also bog down HR staff in admin and paperwork, thus not allowing them to focus on key priorities. Here, we’ll look at 6 of the headline benefits of online holiday management.

Get away from email, spreadsheets, and paper files

Paper files take time to process and risk being lost. It is also not very green. There are many benefits to being a paperless office; lowering the risk of data lost to coffee spills or accidental binning is right up there. Holiday management by spreadsheets can lead to siloed data which is difficult to keep accurate and up to date. There is also a chance of competing versions. A cloud-based holiday management system provides a single source of truth. This is up to date for everyone and employees knows where they stand with their annual leave.

Accurate, real-time data

With centralised online holidays requests, teams and managers are kept up to date holistically on staffing levels and forecasts. Cloud-based systems allow users to submit new holiday requests from anywhere, anytime; Real time calendars and reporting can give quick overview of who is out at any point and give accurate pictures of remaining balances and trends as new requests come in.

Empower staff with up-to-date policy information

With a comprehensive Leave Management System, organisations can readily make all company policies available to their staff at all times. It is also easy to communicate if there have been any updates made to any policies. Employees can simply refer to a policy before applying for holidays without having to reach out to their HR representative with questions.

As well as this, company policy rules can be configured into how an organisation uses an online holiday approval system. These rules as set up by the company will not allow employees or managers to bypass rules while applying for or approving leaves.

Transparency & Consistency

A leave management system means that both managers and employees will always have an up-to-date view of allowance usage. This will help the HR managers to know about the leave history and remaining holiday entitlement of an employee.  Clear data helps reduce the amount of time it takes to make a decision and means that managers can be consistent and transparent in their reasoning for any rejections. Concurrently, the company can flag any issues that may arise with the number of leaves rejected by a manager for any given employee or in a certain period.

Boost Compliance

Having an overarching view of holiday use across an organisation allows HR managers to clearly assess compliance with company rules as well as adherence to employee legislation. With the tools available, they can pinpoint any upcoming issues with underuse of allowance by employees. Under utilisation of holidays can lead to employee burnout. Having historical data provides further insight into trends and flags up both consistent underuse or if someone has gone over their paid leave allowance.

Improved Employee Experience

All the above reasons lead to improved employee experience across the board. Employee experience is now more important than ever. In particular, with the ease of going through processes and with finding the information they need at any given time. Giving staff a go to area for all company information, documents and policies is empowering. Being able to easily view their own allowance and the status of requests creates trust and transparency. In today’s digital world, paper-based systems and processes can seem antiquated and fall short of employee expectation. When you digitise processes, staff are provided a modern experience that allows them to complete their duties efficiently and productively.

As stated, poor leave management can cost companies money and negatively impact employee performance and morale. An online holiday management system will help improve data accuracy, protect against loss, save time, and promote the company’s policies and disciplines. Besides this, an online leave management system also offers transparency and clear decisions while improving employee experience.

CloudCube from Integrated Cloud offers a comprehensive leave management system. You can find out more here or request a free demo here. Holiday management is part of the overall HR module. This is a key module offered as part of the overall CloudCube package. If you have any questions, please contact us.

About the author

Liam joined Integrated Cloud in 2017 and is concerned with all things data and digital within the company. He has worked in varying Programme delivery roles as well as a Data Consultant for clients. He also forms part of the CloudCube configuration team and has helped shape the application without any formal coding background while using CloudCubeDNA, the low code development platform behind CloudCube.