We’ve got our heads in the Cloud

About Integrated Cloud

Integrated Cloud are a software company based in Glasgow, Scotland. We offer SaaS solutions that enable businesses to exploit the benefits of cloud technology. Our comprehensive Business Management System, CloudCube, has been built using years of experience of working in service delivery and in empowering massive Digital Transformation projects for global clients. We believe a lot in integrated data which is why we build CloudCube the way we do. CloudCube also aims to reduce the need for API configuration by having all your data already in one secure platform. 

We also believe that being tied consistently to the standard Software Development Lifecycle can be a burden on speedy innovation and impede changes to new priorities as a business. That’s why we build and enhance CloudCube using our bespoke Low-Code Development Platform, CloudCubeDNA. It offers organisations the opportunity to swiftly build new applications at a fraction of the cost and time of the standard SDLC. We call this Hyper-Development and believe in being more agile than Agile as an organisation.

Our Vision

We understand the common concerns of businesses and have seen the pitfalls that come with trying to meet strategic goals. Understanding the challenges, frustrations and constraints faced by businesses, we built our own cloud-based software platforms to drive efficiency, collaboration and success.

We serve a range of clients from small employers to large global organizations across a variety of industry sectors.

Our purpose is to lighten and, in some cases, remove the burden of mundane and labour-intensive planning, monitoring and administrative activity and enable our clients to focus on the value they are creating for their customers and employees whilst reducing their own overhead costs.

Our Values

  • Innovation – we use our creativity, invention, and expertise to exceed our clients’ expectations and enthuse them.
  • Empowering – we trust our people to make the right decisions in service of our clients. Our products enable our clients to keep their customer promises and meet timelines.
  • Collaboration – we share our skills with each other as one team. Working with our clients, we commit honestly to delivering consistently on our promises to them.
  • Respect – we listen carefully to each other and our clients and value the range of opinions offered and the diversity of cultures and communities we share and serve.
  • Responsibility – we plan responsibly to fulfil promptly our clients’ requests and take personal accountability for the completion of agreed tasks.
  • Diligence – we work hard and smart for our clients taking pride in what we do. We are thorough, disciplined, prepared, punctual, and professional.

What we aim to achieve for our customers:

  • Simplify operational complexity.
  • Increase workforce efficiency across the entire business.
  • Rationalise software solutions.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Improve controls while enabling flexibility.
  • Empower with self-service BI and reporting.

Who we have worked with:

Examples of large scale transformations
we have helped deliver:

Creation and delivery of the largest “Published Desktop”, Desktop Virtualisation deployment in the world including migration of over 3,000 applications and deployment with Fujitsu of 80,000+ seats across two continents following the build out of infrastructure in two Datacentres for a top 4 UK Retail Bank.

The turnaround of a major regulatory programme (120m Euro per annum budget) in major difficulty with the global regulators and seriously behind schedule despite a 400m Euro investment already made at the point we took over to recover the programme. Direct accountability to CFO of a Global Investment Bank.

Build of two subterranean Datacentres in Frankfurt and migration of seven European Datacentres to new Datacentres including Mainframe, midrange, exotics (Tandem As/400 etc), cash management, high net worth banking, payments infrastructure, accounting, ATM network and investment banking as part of an IBM outsourcing contract (2.5Billion Euro total value) for European Retail Bank. Four years duration of intense planning and execution, delivered six months early and 80m Euro under budget.