Digitise your business

CloudCube connects HR, PPM, Finance, Operational tasks and much more in one fully integrated cloud platform that will save time, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

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CloudCube is a scalable, secure, cloud based software application designed to run your business.

Having individual software licenses for each of your business departments is costly and time consuming. That’s why we designed CloudCube.

CloudCube offers fully integrated modules designed to run all aspects of your business. This includes PPM, Meetings, Finance, HR, Absence, Time and more, all in one solution!

As a result, you can save time & money and empower your teams with simplified Business Intelligence and actionable insights into your data.

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How CloudCube modules can benefit your business:

CloudCube for Workforce Management

CloudCube offers a comprehensive solution for all of your HR and Workforce Management needs.

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CloudCube for Work Management

From inception to ROI, track all of your key workloads and have complete reporting oversight & insight.

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Packages at a glance:

The full enterprise CloudCube suite consists of over 30 modules and sub-modules. We know every organisation is different and does not need all of this functionality, considering this, we designed some module packages for differing business needs. They will reduce the need for multiple subscriptions to disparate platforms to run your business.


CloudCube Operations is designed for organisations who want to run their business more efficiently and digitise their day to day operations. It includes the HR, Time, Finance, Travel & Expense and Meeting Manager modules and more. Employees get Self Service so they can see their personnel file and manage day to day activities such as submitting Timesheets, Absences and Holiday Requests or viewing their upcoming or overdue Actions and Tasks.



CloudCube Project is designed for organisations looking to instil best in class PPM governance. It includes the full Portfolio, Programme and Project Management module as well as Ideation, Risks, Meetings, Contracts, Resourcing and Time modules. It also includes all enhanced views and features relevant to these modules including drag and drop Gantt Views, Project/Meeting/Contract Calendars, and many many more features.

Learn more about Pricing and Packages here or organise a consultation with one of the team here.

How CloudCube will benefit your business:

Visibility and executive reporting across your organisation.

Integrated modules give you a single source of truth for all your data.

Simplify your operational complexity.

Greater transparency and increased control with less systems.

Get a holistic view of your workforce and workloads.

Auto email notifications, reminders and chasing of overdue items.

Increase revenue by decreasing your operational costs.

Reduce risk arising from inconsistent data.

Easily see who’s in/out with HR Ops management.

Bespoke reporting framework with white labelling.

Eradicate a reliance on spreadsheets and other systems.

Central repository of documentation.

Empowers your employees with self service reporting and BI.

smartflow is the automating engine at the heart of CloudCube.

It drives intelligent efficiency as you manage your organisation through workflow based communication channels. The value of your time is maximised with live data being monitored and auto notifications in place to keep you updated.

Laptop showing an automated email notification from CloudCube using Smartflow

Explore some of CloudCube’s modules and features:

Human Resource Management System

Employee & Project Time Management

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management

Finance Management

Sales and Growth Management

Manage your Meetings in the cloud

Company Info & Comms

Employee Self Service